Crappy thoughts...
I Didn’t Cheat on You

Funny how things turn out to be crappy the moment you try to make things work. Just like Kurt trying to stay happy in the relationship. He wanted to feel loved and important. It felt like the spark isn’t as bright as it used to be. 

I like the way he makes me feel.

But I can’t blame Blaine if he felt that way. The way he looked at Kurt when he saw the other guy’s messages, it was like you were getting stabbed by a thousand knives from everywhere. He didn’t know that Kurt was unhappy. 

I transferred schools to be with you. I changed my whole life. That doesn’t make you feel loved?

I think the only thing that went wrong was that they didn’t talk about it. But even talking is not a guarantee that everything will be okay. Most people will pretend that everything is perfect. Nothing is happening. Until they burst. Some will try to do anything and everything just to make it work. Others will just resort to cheating.